24Online. Now offering WiFi installations in Amman.

Our WiFi installation service can help you:

  • Get better WiFi coverage in any environment

  • Get improved connectivity for all your users

Your WiFi service can include:

  • WiFi installation service (including site analysis) by a qualified technician from the 24Online team
  • WiFi coverage and connectivity testing
  • WiFi product comparison and recommendation
  • Access to advanced WiFi products, incl. WiFi access points
  • Cabling and wiring as necessary; wireless options are available
  • Price discounts through our authorized partnerships
  • Ongoing technical support if needed

24Online is an information technology company based in Amman, Jordan. With 10+ years in business and more than 600 local and international companies served, chances are good we’ve worked with a business like yours. If you’re looking for a WiFi installation or you’re ready to grow your business with better information technology, we can help.

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