About 24Online

Our Company

24Online supports companies in the MENA region with expert IT services, products, and technical support, enabling them to rapidly respond to changing market conditions. We currently serve markets in Jordan, UAE, and KSA.


  • Headquartered in the 7th Circle, Amman, Jordan
  • Founded in 2008 by Ihssan.
  • 600+ companies and institutions  in 20+ industries served
  • Partnerships with 15+ major brands


Our goal is to apply the best practices of California’s high tech business sector to the unique needs of the Middle East business community. We help our clients meet their business goals by being more agile, growth-oriented, and digitally connected.

Founding Team

Our company was built on our founders’ deep experience in tech.

Ihssan Abukhalaf is a serial entrepreneur with well over a decade of leadership experience in the IT industries in the USA and Jordan. Before launching 24Online, Ihssan founded LimeTech, Inc. in San Francisco, California, where he oversaw IT projects and infrastructure builds for an array of Bay Area startups and high tech companies. He currently splits his time between San Francisco, Boston, and Amman.

24Online Brand

24Online was created to be an innovative changemaker in the local and regional IT sectors. These qualities are reflected at every level of our company, including the recruiting process, office design, and client relationships.


24Online maintains a well-trained and highly motivated staff. We aggressively recruit throughout Jordan. Each team member is required to stay current on IT trends and security concerns, to ensure our clients’ IT operations are up to date. Collaboration is a major value, and employees are encouraged to work across departments to enhance our ability to innovate and effectively serve our clients. Learn more on our Team page and our Careers page.

24Online Today

After a decade in business, we have established ourselves as an important resource for a wide range of local and regional companies. With a recent rebranding, buildout of a new headquarters, and a growing team of new recruits, 24Online is now positioned for a major growth phase into new markets.

What We Do

We provide ruthlessly great technical support services, helping you be more productive.

What We Do

Who We Serve

We’ve served more than 600 companies in a wide range of industries in the Middle East region.

Who We Serve

Why Choose Us

After more than a decade in the IT industry, chances are we’ve solved any challenge you’re facing.

Why Choose Us