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Introducing Surveillance Systems by Ubiquiti Networks

If you’re searching for an all-inclusive surveillance system for your business, consider the UniFi security camera product line by Ubiquiti Networks. With an array of devices including wide-angle cameras, flexible mounting devices, and network management and recording units, Ubiquiti offers the high quality plug-n-play solution you are looking for.

UniFi Surveillance Products by Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti products are characterized by their clean design, durability, easy configuration, and compatibility across their diverse portfolio of solutions. UniFi surveillance systems are considered a good fit for businesses of all sizes, as well as consumers who prefer a professional-level product for their home.

UniFi Surveillance Products by Ubiquiti
UniFi Surveillance Products by Ubiquiti Networks

Of particular note is the UniFi NVR (Network Video Recorder), which gives you the ability to manage and record from up to 20 cameras at a time, offering great coverage and scalability for your growing business.

A surveillance system by Ubiquiti can deliver a comprehensive location security solution that will give you greater peace-of-mind and better oversight of your premises.

Check out our complete product line and call us today for a product or project quote, including system design and installation if required. We offer free ground shipping within Amman, Jordan.

24Online is an authorized reseller of Ubiquiti products.

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