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Security Camera Systems

As the business owner, you are responsible for what takes place at your premises. Only you can ensure the security of your customers, employees, products, and equipment. A good surveillance system will enable you to record and store footage of any activity that takes place at your place of business. In this way, you stay informed of what happens at your location, even if you are not there.

Location monitoring and safety

The security of your location is integral to the smooth operation of your business. A well-placed security camera system will give you the ability to monitor your location and protect your business from harm.

There are variety of different video surveillance systems on the market, but the two main categories are Internet Protocol (IP) cameras and analog cameras.

Kinds of surveillance camera systems

CCTV Systems

The older, traditional camera systems, often known as closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, are a form of analog camera. CCTV video cameras are connected to standard network cabling and the footage often has a lower resolution than that of an IP camera.

IP Camera Systems

An IP camera system requires less cabling and typically includes more features, including high-resolution footage, digital zoom, motion detection, and low-light functionality. Many systems also come with software that enables you to view and manage footage from your desktop or smartphone. There are many reasons to install a security camera system at your place of business. Deterring theft, monitoring employees, and collecting information are just a few. 24Online has experience installing both IP camera systems and CCTV systems, and we are happy to help with sourcing, installation, and support for your system.

Some of business security products we work with.

Security camera systems

Wired security systems

WiFi setups and configurations

Building access control systems

Card access control systems

Biometrics systems

Attendance management systems

QR code-based attendance systems